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نرم افزار Combofix یک ابزار رایگان است که جهت اسکن کامپیوتر برای نرم افزار های مخرب و جاسوسی ساخته شده است . Combofix نرم افزار های مخرب را پیدا کرده و اقدام به حذف آن ها می کند . نرم افزار Combofix پس از انجام املیات یک گزارش از کار ها به شما می دهد . با این گزارش شما می توانید به دنبال یک ویروس بگردید و آن را حذف کنید و یا به صورت اتوماتیک اقدام به حذف ویروس ها نمایید . کم حجم و رایگان بودن این ابزار به محبوب شدن آن کمک بسیار زیادی کرده است .

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Combofix is designed to scan a computer for known malware, spyware and automatically remove any types of malware that it locates. The app will also allow you to manually remove spyware infections as well. Combo fix is a specialized effective cleaning tool that is a useful companion to other malware and spyware removers. After Combofix has finished scanning your system, a report is created. You can use this report to search and remove infections which are not automatically removed. Combofix will scan your PC relatively quickly, considering that it is undertaking an intensive search-and-delete operation. As it scans for malware, the app provides you with information on the steps that are being undertaken in a singular window of operation. Although Combofix is a powerful tool, there are not a great deal of options to choose from and it can be confusing for beginners. This is not an app that you should try to use if you don’t have some experience with this type of software or if you don’t have someone there to help you who is more experienced. Overall, Combofix is a good app to supplement standard system cleaners and Anti-Virus, and keep your PC running smoothly. It works well and it’s freeware, but it isn’t for the novice user without some additional guidance.

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منبع : ایران سافت 95
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